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Born in Durban in 1977, Sharlene Khan completed both a BA (Fine Arts) and MA (Fine Arts) at the University of Durban-Westville, before moving to Johannesburg to complete a second Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Switzerland, India, France, USA, Sweden and Holland, and has held solo shows in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Since 2002 she has participated in international residency programmes and visual art workshops in Cape Town, Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal, Cairo, France and Italy. Her work for over eleven years has focused on street trade and the large informal economy in South African city centres. Although primarily a painter, Khan's paintings are often presented with a range of media resulting in installations and performance pieces incorporating fashion, music, video, ink and charcoal drawings in mock fashion presentations.

Her work, as of 2008, has increasingly focused around issues of identity and family history. Her series What I look like, What I feel like features staged photographic portraits of the artist which portrays images of how she thinks others view her juxtaposed against images of how she views herself. These dualistic portrayals question images of the self and representations of otherness, complicating perceptions of contemporary urban womanhood, race, class and identity.

Khan has also been extensively involved in various mural projects in the KwaZulu-Natal region between 1999 and 2002 and is also a freelance writer and curator. She coordinated and co-curated The ID of South African Artists in Holland in 2004, has participated as both curator and artist in the 10 Years, 100 Artists Project by Bell-Roberts Publishing (2004). In 2008, Khan, as a member of the Dead Revolutionaries Club, co-curated the Esikhaleni – Spatial Practices exhibition (an official Joburg Art Fair fringe exhibition). The Dead Revolutionaries Club is a non-profit collective which presents visual art
classes, talks and a website that engages with cultural production in southern Africa. Khan was an events coordinator at the Humanities Graduate Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) from 2006 – 2009 and lectured at The University of South Africa in the Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology (Pretoria) from January 2010 – September 2011. She is currently a PhD candidate in Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London.



University of Durban-Westville: 1995 – 1998
B. A. (Fine Art)

University of Durban-Westville: 1999 - 2002
M. A. (Fine Art)

University of the Witwatersrand: 2003 - 2006
M.A. (Fine Art) Coursework


2009: Rockefeller Bellagio Centre Creative Arts Residency, Italy. 9 July – 6 August.
2005: Nouison International Residency Programme, Pujols, France. 24 September – 4 November.
2003: Thupelo International Workshop in Cape Town: 6 – 21 February.
_____International Residency at the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt. 15 September – 5 November.
2002: Bag Factory (Fordsburg Artists Studios) International Residency Programme in Fordsburg,
          Johannesburg: February – April.
_____Caversham Press Residency Programme entitled 'Rituals', KwaZulu-Natal: 1 – 21 September.


2011: Other Stories. Gallery MOMO. Johannesburg. 31 March – 30 April.
2009: Other Stories. Right on the Rim Gallery. Arts on Main. Johannesburg. 12 September –
          11 October.
_____(B)lack and What I look like, What I feel like. Polokwane Art Museum. Limpopo. 26 March –
          15 May.
2008: (B)lack. Association for the Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery. Cape Town. 10 – 23 March.
          What I look like, What I feel like. Gallery MOMO. Johannesburg. 4 – 29 September.
2007: (B)lack. KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts (KZNSA). Durban. 2 – 21 October (catalogue).
_____Walking the Line. BAT Centre. Durban. 5 – 27 October.
2006: Previously Disadvantaged. Gallery MOMO. Johannesburg. 17 August – 3 September (catalogue).
2004: Walking The Line. University of Witwatersrand Downstairs Theatre. Johannesburg. 3 September
2003: Two for One Rand. Goethe Institute. Johannesburg. 25 November – 11December.
2001: Durban at Work. Master's degree work. Kwa-Muhle Museum, Durban. April – June.


2013: Rememory. William Goodenough College. London. 25 February – 3 March. Curators: Sharlene Khan,
          Fouad Asfour and Imara Rolston
2012: She Said No – a No-Peformance. Goldsmiths Art Department. London. 11 December
          Happily Never After. AVA Gallery. Cape Town. 2 – 27 July. Curator: Sharlene Khan
          Staff/Stuff. Unisa Gallery. Pretoria, South Africa. 19 June – 6 July. Curator: Lawrence Lemaoana
2011: It's all Chinese to Me – How Abstract Can One Be? After the Butcher. Berlin, Germany. 17 June
          – 7 August. Curator: Eva Seufert.
_____Agter die Berge. The Joburg Fringe Video Berlin. Haus 19. Berlin, Germany. 26 May – 11 June.
          Curators: Claudia Shneider and Christine Gruss.
_____Figures of Speech. 'Beyond Languages Project'. Jozi Art Lab. Arts on Main, Johannesburg.
          25 February – 6 March. Curators: Eva Seufert, Fouad Asfour, Claudia Schneider.
_____Samsara. Tathum Art Gallery. Pietermaritzburg. 24 February – 20 March. Curator: Selvin
_____Crossing Boundaries: Contemporary Art and Artists from South Africa. The Gallery – Virginia
          Commonwealth University in Qatar. Doha, Qatar. 26 January–5 March. Curators: Jochen Sokoly                   and Ortrud Mulder (catalogue).
2010: Samsara. Durban Art Gallery. Durban. 26 November – 13 February 2011. Curator: Selvin
_____Nud(g)e. Artspace. Johannesburg. 30 May – 30 June. Curator: Sotiris Moldovanos.
_____The New Order Beauty. Palette Art Gallery, Delhi, India. 25 January – 28 February. Curator:
          Vibha Galhotra.
2009: Art from Southern Africa. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit(GTZ) GmbH
          Head Office, Eschborn, Germany. 12 November – February 2010.
_____Bring mir ein Gras vom Rand der Bildebene. Atelier Frankfurt, Germany. 5 June – 8 July.
          Curators: Fouad Asfour and Saul Judd.
2008: Urban Concerns. BildMuseet, Umea, Sweden. 19 January – 1 March. Curator: Veronica Wiman.
_____Gunshot Show. Afrika Cultural Centre. 27 January. Curator: Claudia Shneider.
_____Esikhaleni Spatial Practices. Africa Cultural Centre. Johannesburg. 14 – 16 March. Curators:
          Dead Revolutionaries Club.
_____Living Legacy. Kizo Gallery, Durban. 1 – 30 September. Curators: Bongi Bengu and Nathi
          Gumede. (catalogue).
_____Modern Fabrics. Bag Factory Artist's Studios. 22 September – 17 October. Curator: Nontobeka
_____Bring mir ein Gras vom Rand der Bildebene. Dioptic GmbH Weinheim, Germany. 17 October
          2007 – 30 March 2009. Curators: Fouad Asfour, Dioptic GmbH.
2007: The Hourglass Project: Personal Vocabulary. House Museum and Resource Centre of African
          American Art, Atlanta, USA. 15 July – 9 September. Curator: Karen Comer Lowe. (catalogue) .
_____Gunshot Show. Biba Gallery, Smithfield. 15 December – 25 January. Curator: Claudia Shneider.
2006: MTN New Contemporaries. Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg. 21 May – 25 June.
          Curator: Khwezi Gule (catalogue).
_____Les Arts De La Coexistence? Alliance Francaise, Paris, France. 17 – 20 January.
_____Les Arts De La Coexistence? Les Arts Deniers, Paris, France. 15 February – 30 March.
2005: Feb Group Show International 2005, Bayer ABS Limited Gallery, Gujerat, India. February –
          March. Curator: Vinod Patel and Alok Bal (catalogue).
_____Take Me To the River. Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria. 25 May – 3 July. Curator: Vivienne
          Lassman (catalogue).
_____Les Arts De La Coexistence? Migrationculturelles, Bordeaux, France. 21 September – 22 October.
          Curator: Bruce Clark (catalogue).
_____Les Arts De La Coexistence? St. Eugene Crypt, Biarritz, France. 17 November – 4 December.
_____South African Artists on Residency. Mairie Chateau, Pujols, France. 3 – 8 December.
2004: The ID of South African Artists. Fortis CircusTheatre, Scheveningen, Holland. April 2004.
          Curators: Janine Van Den Ende, William Wells, Sharlene Khan (catalogue).
_____Community (Re)Production. Gallery Ancienne Couronne, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. 15 May.
          Curator: Hubert Dechant.
_____10 Years, 100 Artists. Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town. 8 – 23 December.
2003: Thupelo International Workshop Exhibition. South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
_____Women's Day Exhibition. Durban Art Gallery, Durban. 7 – 22 August. Curator: Phumzile
          Dlamini (catalogue).
_____Open Studio. Townhouse Gallery, Cairo. 2 – 7 November.
2002: State of Being. Fordsburg Artists Studios, Johanneburg. April. (catalogue).
_____Freedom - 1001 Miniatures. Spaza Art Gallery, Johannesburg. 27 April. Curator: Andrew Lindsay.
_____Mail Art. Minds-I Gallery, Pretoria. June–July
_____Heritage Day Exhibition. Durban Art Gallery, Durban. September/October. Curator: Pat Khoza
2001: Unmasked. Crart Rd, Durban. March/April. Curator: Gabi Ngcobo.
_____Ethwekeni. Bat Centre, Durban. May/June. Curator: Gabi Ngcobo
2000: Malibongwe Ophezulu. African Art Centre, Durban. August. Curator: Anthea Martin.
_____Heritage Day Exhibition. Durban Art Gallery, Durban. September/October. Curators: Pat Khoza
          and Phumzile Dlamini.
1999: Izikwepha Zethu. Durban Art Gallery, Durban. July. Curators: Pat Khoza and Phumzile Dlamini.
1998: 5th Gopio International Visual Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Durban Art Gallery, Durban.


2011: 1 Painting bought for the Unisa Art Gallery collection, Pretoria
2007: 2 Paintings bought for JSE collection, Johannesburg.
_____3 Paintings bought for Morula collection, Johannesburg.
2006: 14 Drawings bought for ArtBank collection, Johannesburg.
_____3 Paintings bought for the Eskom Art collection, Johannesburg.
2004: 2 Paintings bought by private art collectors Joop and Janine Van Den Ende,
2002: 3 Paintings in Johannesburg Public Artworks – bought by Emboweni House,
2001: 8 Paintings in Durban Museums Collections – bought by Kwa-Muhle Museum,


2013: Rememory. William Goodenough College. London, United Kingdom. 25 February – 3 March.
          Curators: Sharlene Khan, Fouad Asfour and Imara Rolston
2012: Happily Never After. Association of Visual Arts Gallery. Cape Town. 2–27 July.
2008: Esikhaleni Spatial Practices. Africa Cultural Centre. Johannesburg. 14–16 March.
          (Official Joburg Art Fair event.) Co-curator and co-coordinator (as part of Dead Revolutionaries
2004: Coordinator and co-curator of The ID of South African Artists Exhibition – an exhibition of 108
          South African artworks at the Fortis CircusTheatre in Scheveningen, Holland – December `03–
          April `04.
_____One of 15 curators chosen for the exhibition-in-a-book concept initiated by Bell-Roberts
          Publishing entitled 10 Years. 100 Artists (editor: Sophie Perryer). Cape Town.


2013: Nominee (Women in Painting). South African Women in Arts Mbokodo Awards 2013. November 2012: Nominee (Women in Painting). South African Women in Arts Mbokodo Awards 2012. November
2011: Commonwealth Scholarship 2011 for three year PhD study in Arts at Goldsmiths (University of
          London) – to be taken up in September.
2010: Duke University Feminist Theory Workshop Travel Award 2010. Award to attend the Women's
          Studies Programme Feminist Theory Workshop at Duke University, Durham, USA - $1000.
2009: National Arts Council funding for project What I look like, What I feel like catalogue – R30 000.
2008: National Arts Council funding for project What I look like, What I feel like – R20 000.
2007: National Arts Council funding for project (B)lack - R30 000.
2006: National Arts Council funding for project Previously Disadvantaged – R10 000.
2005: National Arts Council funding for project Walking the Line – R20 000.
2004: Andrew Mellon Scholarship for PhD Study at University of the Witwatersrand – R35 000
2003: One of four winners of a solo exhibition at the Goethe Institute-Johannesburg in their Fine Art               Competition.
2003: University of the Witwatersrand Postgraduate Merit Award – R13 165.
_____University of the Witwatersrand Scholarship – R2000.
2002: Andrew Mellon Scholarship to Rhodes University for a PhD Study at Rhodes
          University - R40 000 (declined).
2000: University of Durban-Westville (UDW) Postgraduate Grant - R1 500.
_____UDW Merit Scholarship - R7 000.
1999: National Research Foundation Award - R9 000.
_____Postgraduate assistantship, Department of Fine Art (UDW) - R11 000
1998: Abe Bailey Travel Bursary to England in November/December.
1998: TEFSA (now NFSAS) Student Bursary/Loan.
1996: TEFSA (now NFSAS) Student Bursary/Loan.


2014: Khan, S. Gatekeeping Africa. Frank Talk. South Africa (guest editor: Athi Mongelezi Joja),
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2011-12: International reviewer for Creative Residency Projects for the Rockefeller Bellagio
          International Residency Programme.
2010: Reviewer for Visual Arts Projects for the 2011 Rockefeller Bellagio International Residency
          Programme for the Visual Arts.
_____Regional judge for the New Signatures Competition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
2008: Feminist Perspectives on Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Paper presented at symposium. University
          of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 27 – 28 June.
_s___David Koloane workshop presentation. Wits School of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand, 9th
2007: Artist Talk. Umea University. Umea, Sweden. 17 January.
2005: Artist Talk, Migrationsculturelles (MC2a), Bordeaux. September.
_____Artist Talk, School of Fashion, Bordeaux. September.
_____Perceptions of South African Indian Artists in the Visual Arts Field. Paper presented at the South
          African Architecture and Art Historian Conference,
          Rhodes University, Grahamstown. 9 – 11 September.
2003: Artist talk, American University in Cairo, Cairo. 27 October.
2002: Female Stereotypes in Murals. Visual Art Symposium, Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal.
1999: The Role of Public Art in a Post-Apartheid Society: With Special Reference to the Greater
          Ladysmith Area, `94 -`98, Bat Centre, Durban. June.


2011: SAFM – radio interview on Otherwise hosted by Nancy Richards. 28 March. 13:20-13:30.
2008: Lotus FM – radio interview on Living Legacy exhibition. 3 September.
_____SAFM – radio interview on (B)lack opening and Esikhaleni exhibitions. 15 March.
_____Janson, Marten. 'Sharlene Khan – Imagining the Cityscape'. Website interview on Street
          Children's mobile
at Bat Centre.

_____Interview with StreetNet International.org.
2007: Merchant, Preston. 'Sharlene Khan: "It started off as me and ended up as them"'. 8 February.
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2006: Weekend Live. SABC 2. Sindy Mabe. 27 August.
_____Curious Culture. TV 2. Jerry Mofokeng Productions. 'Featured artist'. 21 May.
2005: The Apprentice TV Show. TV 3, SABC 3, Fremantle Media. 'Art Sale' August.
2004: 3 Talk Live Chat Show. TV 3, SABC 3, '10 Years, 100 Artists', 29 October.
_____Top Billing Magazine Programme. SABC 3, SABC, 'Wearable Art', 1 October.


- www.sharlenekhan.co.za
- http://www.re-title.com/artists/Sharlene-Khan.asp
- http://www.neoimages.com/artistportfolio.aspx?pid=1519


2011: Writing workshop for artists held at the Polokwane Art Museum, Polokwane – 11-12 March.
2008: Critical art writing workshops held at the Polokwane Art Museum, Polokwane – April.
2007: Drawing workshops as part of the Dead Revolutionaries Club – September- December.
2005: Workshops at Ecole des Champs, Pellegrue, France – October.
_____Workshop with Social Centre, Bordeaux, France – October.
2003: Mural painting at the Durban Station, Dbn, as part of Cell C 'For the City' Project - January.
2002: Painting workshops conducted at Totomeng Primary School, Soweto,
_____Johannesburg as part of the Bag Factory Residency Programme - March-April.
_____Co-coordinated and participated in mural painting project at Addington
_____Children's Hospital Children's Creche, Durban – July/August.
1999: Mural painting at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital at Phoenix - May.
_____Participated in Aids mural painted by UDW and APT Artworks and the
_____Department of Health as part of the 'Beyond Awareness Aids Campaign' - June.
_____Mural painting in children's ward at City Hospital in Central Durban – July.
1998: Mural Painting at Shrimati AnandBen Desai Welfare Preschool (Tongaat) - June .
1997: Mural Painting at Durban Magistrate's Court.
_____Mural Painting at Ladysmith Provincial Hospital.
_____Mural Painting at Aloe Park Primary (Ladysmith).
1996: Mural Painting at FOSA T.B. Hospital.
_____Fabric Painting Workshop with street children (Ladysmith).
1995: Mural Painting at Ladysmith Provincial Hospital.
_____Mural Painting at Windsor Secondary School.


-Part of the Dead Revolutionaries Club: Involved in coordinating talks, exhibitions
 and  website
on cultural production: www.deadrevolutionariesclub.co.za,
 Johannesburg: 2008– current. -Poem 'Ode to Sierra' published in anthology Colours
 of the Heart (Noble House) in London:04.
-Poem 'The Hole' published in anthology The Golden Thread (Poetry Africa Publishers)    
in South Africa: `03.
-Poem 'A Day in Africa' published in anthology Eternal Portraits Series (International      
Library: poetry.com) in the United States: `03.
-Poem 'MaAfrika' published in anthology The Antilopenmond (Peter Hammer Verlag) in